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At PATROLSCAN™, we provide security guards in all facets of the job, from management to patrol, with innovative and durable security patrol software. With the advancing technology, we always maintain a progressive vision and manufacture our security management software in a way that makes it easy for you to stay on top of your personnel. No longer will you have to worry about whether your guards made their rounds on time. We offer you a solution to your guard patrol tracking with a Windows compatible interface and a durable data collection device.

Managing Your Security Personnel Made Easy

management security software

With its user friendly security patrol software, you can keep track of all the movements your security guards make. This is a top notch security patrol software system that is easy to use. Simply place your Memory Chips at a certain checkpoint, and you’ll be presented with an easy to read guard patrol software interface. You are able to give each chip a name (such as 2nd Floor Walkway) and track each checkpoint through the reporting tool. The PATROLSCAN™ helps you see what your security guard patrol sees, as we all want security management software we can rely on.

How Durable is the Security Patrol Scan Touch Probe Data Collector?

The guard tour Touch Probe is extremely durable, water and weather resistant. Powered by a user replaceable nine volt battery, our equipment can withstand the wear and tear often associated with security guard tour software. No matter what is occurring in your building, you can be assured the security management software is performing up to standards, and your personnel can do their job efficiently.

If your security data collector does malfunction, for your convenience, we are the only security management and guard patrol software company that offers repairs in our “state of the art” service facility. Send your product in, and we’ll repair it on site, run it through extensive testing with the guard tour software, and return the product in a timely manner.

As technology advances, so do we, and we’ll provide you with tech support —free of charge—as we enhance our operations and the guard tour software. Once you try the PATROLSCAN™ security tracking devices and security patrol software, you’ll know there is no easier way to stay on top of the security personnel in your building.