5 Qualities of a Great Security Guard

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Your choice in security staff can make or break your business. A great security team can help prevent intrusions and keep your inventory and staff secure. On the other hand, a security team that’s unreliable or inadequate can create a serious lapse in protection. But what should you look for when hiring security personnel? Applicants who display these five qualities will likely make a great contribution to your security team:

  • Alertness. Your business or facility depends on your security guards to keep the premise safe. A great security guard knows to always remain alert and awake, as alert guards are more likely to notice when something is out of place, or an intrusion has occurred. Guard tour systems can help to train your staff and help them get to know the facility, but there’s no substitute for a focused guard.
  • A sense of urgency. The best security guards know that rounds should always be performed on time and with accuracy. Guards with a strong sense of urgency will be more proactive in protecting your business.
  • Honesty. Everyone makes mistakes—but will your security guards confess when they slip up, or will they try to hide the mistake and blame someone else? Honest security guards are an asset to any business, while dishonest guards may steal or compromise security.
  • Great communication skills. Effective security guards can communicate well both verbally and in written reports. Security guards with superior communication skills can write more accurate and detailed incident reports, helping you to gain a better understanding of what happened after a break-in or other compromise occurs.  
  • Flexibility. Your security staff will likely have multiple responsibilities, from securing the facility with guard tours to differentiating authorized personnel from those who should be kept out. Flexible security guards are able to quickly determine what jobs need to be done and can adapt their behavior to fit the needs of the day and the environment.

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