3 Questions Every Employer Must Ask Applicants Who Want to Join Their Security Team

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As a business owner, you want to hire the best possible security team to protect yourself, your facility, and your customers. Many business owners find it difficult to determine who is the best choice to hire when it comes to the search for security personnel. As one of the most important aspects of your business, you should take the time to thoroughly investigate every man and woman who you are considering adding to your team. Before you extend that offer letter, make sure you are asking your applicants these three questions:

  • “Have you worked in security before?” When hiring a security team, prioritize applicants who have prior experience in security, especially if they have worked in your type of facility in the past. These types of employees are usually familiar with current best-practices when it comes to performing security tours, and will need less supervision and training when it comes to usingguard patrol software or other equipment your facility needs to stay secure.  
  • “Why did you leave your last position?” Ask your applicants why they left their last jobs, and ask for references to back up their statements. You will want to make sure that your applicant was not removed from his or her last position for theft or slacking on the job—two important concerns when it comes to choosing a security team.
  • “Are you willing to undergo a background check?” It’s a sad fact—the majority of security threats to businesses come from the inside. Applicants with a prior history of theft, break-ins, or other crimes that may present a concern to your business may present themselves as more of a liability than an asset to your team.

After hiring, there are a number of ways to help keep new employees vigilant and honest. If you are interested in learning how guard tour software can help keep your business safer, give the team at PatrolScan a call today at 800-878-SCAN.