3 High-Tech Developments That Are Improving Business Security

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Technology moves at a rapid pace. Just 20 years ago, the idea that we would all be carrying computers around in our pockets was the stuff of science-fiction. Now, we can’t imagine life without our smartphones and tablets. Nearly every industry on Earth has felt the impact of advancing technology, and the realm of security is certainly no exception. Read on to learn about three high-tech security advancements and consider adding one or more to your business for heightened safety.

  • Access control systems. Modern access control systems are more difficult to evade than ever before. Business owners can now create key cards to ensure that only authorized personnel may enter certain areas of their facility, and these cards can even be remotely deactivated if a security team member is removed from the staff. No more changing locks every time a security guard leaves the team!
  • Remote access CCTV. Business owners want to know that their facilities are safe and secure—even if they aren’t always able to be on-site. Now, you no longer need to be in the control room to access a CCTV stream of your site. With just a few clicks, business owners can access a stream of their camera feed from their home or even their smartphone for more peace of mind than ever before.
  • Guard tour systems. Have you ever wondered if your security team is really on-task when you leave the facility? Guard tour systems like those from PatrolScan use a series of microchip checkpoints and A/V data to ensure that security team members are completing all of their tours on-time, and aren’t skipping any crucial locations.

With over 13 years of experience developing the tools business owners need to keep security personnel on track, PatrolScan has become one of the most widely-recognized names in guard tour systems. If you’re interested in learning more about our easy-to-operate yet cutting-edge technology, give us a call today at 1-800-878-SCAN.