3 Dead Technologies That Are Still Around

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Technology is advancing faster than ever before. Just a five year period can make a cell phone or computer obsolete, not to mention the constant stream of new programs, software, and vehicles being introduced every single year. However, even as the march of time continues to advance our technology, there are a few “dead” pieces of technology that are still hanging around. Some (seemingly useless) technologies that are still hanging around include:

  • TiVo. In the current age of cable-cutting and on-demand video services like Hulu and Netflix, you may be surprised to learn that digital video recording company TiVo is still alive and well, and that about 10 million Americans still use TiVo. The company was recently purchased by digital TV listing company Rovi for a cool $1.1 billion—a pretty high price tag for a seemingly obsolete technology.
  • CD players. When was the last time you touched a CD? With most Americans preferring to stream music on apps like Spotify or Apple Play or buy their tunes digitally, a physical CD collection can seem like a waste of space. But car buyers don’t seem to agree with this sentiment. According to research from IHS Automotive, they found that a whopping 70 percent of consumers “indicated a strong desire for continued listening of music via AM/FM radio and CD options in their vehicle.” Unfortunately for drivers, they may have to break out the boombox to listen to their CD collection on the road in the coming future because a report from Forbes estimates that by the year 2021, 46 percent of vehicles on the road will not have a CD player in the dashboard.
  • Paper maps. Back before the days of smartphones, planning a trip meant busting out a paper map to track your route. But even today, paper maps are refusing to die. AAA still offers “TripTiks,” a guided route highlighted along a paper map, for old-fashioned drivers and those who don’t trust their digital maps to not lead them astray.

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