3 Common Security Lapses Made by Business Owners

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PatrolScan knows that no matter how big or small your business is, you need to employ the highest security measures possible to protect yourself, your product, and your employees. Unfortunately, security lapses in businesses are common. Therefore, are you protecting yourself against these three common security blunders?


  • Leaving valuable merchandise unprotected.  If your business has a storefront, it can be tempting to advertise your highest-value products by displaying them proudly for all to see. Unfortunately, this can be an irresistible temptation for thieves as well. If you place valuable products in your windows, make sure employees are putting them away and out-of-sight after your store has closed for the day.
  • A lack of virtual protection. From spam emails to password-jacking faux websites, the internet is rife with thieves and hackers who want to learn your business’ passwords, security details, and customer information. Installing a comprehensive firewall and anti-virus system on your network and educating employees on what not to click can help protect your business from even the most clever attempts at hacking.
  • Employing improperly vetted security team members. Every business owner would like to believe that their employees are all trustworthy and committed to their work. Unfortunately, the truth is that untrustworthy employees are one of the leading causes of product loss for business owners. Research from Statistics Brain has found that employee theft causes employers a whopping $50 billion a year in lost revenue. Even more shocking, about 75 percent of employees admitted to stealing products, money, or time from their employer. Vetting all security personnel, installing reliable surveillance equipment, and keeping security guards on-task with a guard tour system from PatrolScan are all ways that business owners can help secure their facilities against theft or break-ins caused by negligence or employees who are sneaking products away.


Looking to add another layer of security to your warehouse or facility? PatrolScan is here to help keep your security team on-task! Give us a call today at 1-800-878-SCAN to learn more about how a Guard Tour System can help improve your protection.