With a Guard Tour System, Everybody Wins

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So you’ve expanded the security officers located in your buildings. That means you’re focused on protection and safety of employees, residents, and visitors. But, how are you going to be able to tell whether the security guards are performing their duties diligently; not just going through the motions? It starts with efficient technology that is easy to use and easy to read.

Yes, that means a PatroScan guard tour system. Easy for the guards, easy for the administrators, and easy for the business owners. You can’t keep an eye on your building at all hours of the day, we know you have other obligations. With our management security software, you can track your security personnel to make sure they are hitting all their checkpoints within their specific timeframe. Check it at your convenience through the Windows supported software.

It’s a win for you. You can make sure there are no errors or mistakes in the rounds with the reliable technology. It’s a win for the security personnel. They know they’re being watched, and the slightest mishap can lead to termination. In today’s economy, you need to hold onto your job, and that can’t happen if checkpoints are regularly missed or completed out of order. It’s all about maintaining safety. That’s the job description.

With a guard tour system, everybody wins. Our security tracking devices clue your boss in on everything, even if a door was left open. How will you know which guard left the door open?  Easy. Our probes are equipped with a unique ID for each guard, leaving you with a stamp for each tour checkpoint, and each security guard. To let your boss know you are dedicated to keeping the property safe, point and click your probe to the memory chip, this way your evaluation will maintain the goals you’ve set out to accomplish.

A guard tour system is meant to be an advanced measure of security tracking, evaluation, and training for the job. For you and your guard, in order to keep the property safe, your rounds have to be completed accurately and at specific time intervals. We add value to your business’ security operation, and produce a winning attitude with the easy to use and operate software.