Why Your Shopping Mall Needs PatrolScan

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Shopping malls are a staple of modern day America. There are over a thousand enclosed malls in the country. Filled with store after store, as well as a food court, among other things, people flock to them every day to shop and eat. Usually encompassing multiple floors, there are many entrances and exits, let alone those to each store. Parking lots typically surround the entire premises. There is so much space that needs to be watched over and protected. A guard tour patrol system like PatrolScan is ideal for systematically keeping track of a large property like a shopping mall.

Our cutting-edge program produces simple, accurate reports to oversee and manage your security team. For the past several years, we have created advanced guard tour systems to assist those in need of surveilling and protecting their properties. The software functions with a user-friendly interface, so you don’t have to be a computer expert to use it.

PatrolScan includes a TouchProbe and memory chip. The memory chips are to be placed where you want your security guards to go, known as checkpoints. Therefore, as a guard patrols different checkpoints, he or she can use the TouchProbe to touch the memory chip, automatically recording the date and time of said check. If your security officer can see it, you can see it using our software on your computer. The software even allows the user to see when each point was checked. Inevitably, if the security guard misses a check, you’ll know.

Although deterring illegal activities is the main purpose, these guard tour systems are also ideal for other tasks. You can use it to your advantage by filing reports for fire inspections and keeping the property clean. If a spill is spotted, the security guard can report it. By walking the premises, he or she can become very familiar with the environment and can thus help people get around and find the store they’re looking for. They almost wind up acting like an extra customer service representative.

If our guard tour patrol system is right for your mall, call PatrolScan at 1-800-878-SCAN(7226) or continue browsing the rest of our website for more information about what we do.