Why Your School Campus Needs PatrolScan

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If you’re a college student getting ready to leave for the school year, or if you’re the parent of a new student, then you understand how important it is to have a safe campus. Colleges across the country are now utilizing a wide range of security programs to offer added protection for their students. Who wants to feel unsafe walking back and forth to classes? Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to make sure that an effective security system is in place to help manage the halls, lawns, and parking lots of college campuses country-wide. This is where a guard tour patrol system like PatrolScan is more important than ever.

PatrolScan is the perfect solution for campuses all over America. It works by keeping track of a large area, such as a campus parking lot or a campus courtyard, through simple, precise reports that help maintain the integrity of your campus security team. Nobody wants to feel like they’re skimping on protection, especially at a campus with thousands of young college students. For years now, PatrolScan has worked to create state-of-the-art guard tour systems for companies in need of surveillance. What’s great about PatrolScan is that you don’t need to be a computer genius to figure it out. The clean and simple software functions have a user-friendly interface, so there’s no need to worry about confusion or complications.

Your campus needs PatrolScan to keep its students safe and to give their families peace of mind. Think about the parents. If their child is off to his first year of college, they’ve already got their minds filled with concerns. Will his classes be challenging enough? Will he make friends? Will he get enough food? Will he be homesick or will he get hurt? Parents don’t need the added worry of their child’s safety and welfare on his new college campus. With PatrolScan, their child’s campus can now be one of the safest places on their radar.

PatrolScan helps deter any kind of potentially dangerous activity. The guard tour systems are ideal for filing reports and for conducting inspections. You can use PatrolScan on campus, and your security team can become adept at using it for all of their security management requirements. For more information about how PatrolScan can help your campus become one of the safest out there, call 1-800-878-SCAN(7226).