Why Your Pharmaceutical Company Needs an Elite Guard Tour System

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Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are manufacturing and testing innovative drugs. With the combination of visitors, patients, staff, and lab equipment, pharmaceutical companies are presented with various security challenges. You’ve probably hired a security guard company, or have your own security team on payroll, but is that enough to keep your drugs, employees, or patients safe?

Companies everywhere face the possibility of a break-in or other potential threats to the property.  Certain technological advances have made it easier to ensure your building is taking the proper precautions to maintain safety. Now, with a durable product and innovative software, the right guard tour system will increase your security and help you manage the patrol facility.

Depending on your current security measures, an elite security patrol system will assist you with data collection and employee training, as well as accuracy of reports. But how will your pharmaceutical company increase security measures from upgraded software?

Management. From a security management level, you can create clear reports and track your guard’s movements. The software is great for training new guards and making sure they are completing their rounds as quickly as possible while keeping the building safe. Plus, if a problem arises, you can track back to see if a checkpoint was missed in a certain round, or a door was left open that made the building vulnerable. Plus, when using Windows compatible devices, track the security from any location with an internet connection. Never has it been easier to keep tabs on your building than with the PatrolScan.

Reports. With the easy reporting measures, your guards will understand their movements will be continuously tracked. They won’t slack off while on duty, and they won’t make common mistakes during their rounds. Using a point-and-click platform, guards can use the technology with limited knowledge of computer software.

Efficiency. Through the training and usage of the guard tour, the building’s security efficiency will increase immensely. Track all incidents, track all security personnel, and track the progress from one security guard to the next. Utilizing the efficient product will enhance the efforts to maintain safety for your pharmaceutical company—from the employees to the manufacturing of new and innovative drugs.

We understand that there are valuable and confidential components to your pharmaceutical and biotech business. Our products ensure your security guards are completing their duties without errors. Contact us for the chance at a free trial and experience all the benefits for yourself.