Why You Should Consider a Guard Tour System

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Guard tour systems are used by a variety of companies and organizations to gather, log and manage security data.  Nowadays, many administrators and managers are opting for guard tour systems because they help ensure that security officers will complete their tasks within the allotted time intervals.  In a day and age where security is not taken lightly, it’s worth considering a guard tour system for your establishment.  There are many reasons why you should consider a guard tour system for your business.

With a guard tour system from PatrolScan, you are guaranteed a reliable source of security management.  Forget the days of losing reports and other valuable information.  Guard tour systems are designed to operate in extreme conditions, so there’s no need to worry about malfunctioning equipment if the weather gets intense.  PatolScan guard tour systems are also water resistant, making them a viable option for those who need to be outdoors in all conditions.  When it comes to choosing a guard tour security system that will give you the right information when you need it, PatrolScan has what’s needed.

A guard tour system from PatrolScan will save you both time and energy because of its simple and accurate reporting options.  At PatrolScan, we use a point and click system that utilizes a TouchProbe.  This means that each of your security guards will have the ability to clip the probe onto a keychain.  With each checkpoint, your guards simply direct the probe at a memory chip to have their data recorded on the software.  A PatrolScan guard tour system will also allow you to check what time each guard has made his rounds to designated checkpoints.

Your establishment deserves the ultimate in security performance, and with a guard tour system from PatrolScan, you’ve got exactly what you need right at your fingertips.  Our guard tour systems offer you the peace of mind that you need.  Our systems provide accurate information and convenient access.  A PatrolScan guard tour system is excellent for those in educational institutes, real estate organizations, manufacturing facilities, public transportation services and warehouse departments.  When security can’t be compromised, choose PatrolScan and find out how your business can be safer than you ever expected.