PatrolScan TouchProbe software

Why PatrolScan’s TouchProbe is the Guard Tour Patrol System You Need

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Want to keep tabs on your security patrol team through an easy to use software? Want to provide your team with a simple mechanism that accurately reports their proceedings, making sure they get their rounds completed on time? You might want to think about implementing the durable, precise TouchProbe and PatrolScan guard tour system for your building.

The TouchProbe is a point and click technology that allows patrol guards to record their activities, ensuring administrators that jobs are being completed. When you choose PatrolScan for your management software, the TouchProbe is an excellent way to automate the job, keep your building safe, and determine whether any errors have been made through one of your guard’s routes.

But if you have several guards on duty, how can you be sure who made the rounds? With PatrolScan, every security guard receives a TouchProbe with a unique number assigned to it. Guards can keep the probe on their person at all times, attach it to a keychain, and never lose track of it, because they’ll need the one that was initially given to them every single time rounds are completed.

It’s like this. The number on your probe goes into the system under guard “John Doe.” When Doe makes his rounds, the TouchProbe number he has been assigned is monitored and recorded into the Windows security dashboard when he touches the probe to the Memory Chips located at each checkpoint. You know the time intervals between checkpoints, so track if Doe is slow, on-time, too fast, or missing some checkpoints along the route, you’ll be able to monitor that. The tour definition screen on the software shows the tour with an accurate report.

When the weather is uncooperative, don’t worry about the TouchProbe. The mechanism is water and weather resistant, and tamper proof for accurate results every time. Looking for a guard tour patrol system that is unique, possesses an innovative design and feature, and sturdy enough to get the job done in any situation? The PatrolScan system and its TouchProbe is the technology you need to keep your building safe and secure. We know it’s indestructible, and your security management software should be too.