Why Choose PatrolScan for Your Security Tracking Needs?

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Technology has made it easy to keep track of reporting measures, including security. Patrol consists of various measures, all having the same goal: to prevent crime, detect safety issues, and learn if there is unauthorized activity occurring in the building. The advances in technology allow you to make the most of your officer’s foot patrol.

The system is ideal for you, as you’ll have the reports of precise times and measurements that rounds were completed, and it’s ideal for your guards. They’ll be able to simply record their progress through each checkpoint, and alert if there are any safety violations.

With the PatrolScan guard tour systems, quickly and accurately file reports that are reliable. What kind of reports can be conducted on the security management software?

-        Building Security

-        Fire Hazards

-        Equipment Maintenance

-        Open or Unlocked Doors

-        Blocked Fire Extinguishers/Exits

-        Suspicious Activity

-        Any sign of Danger

The software has a well-designed, easy to read interface and its quick installation allows you to get started on your new and improved way of managing your security with no down time. Put your focus on the safety of those visitors in your building, and make sure your security personnel is not slacking or taking it easy while on the job. With busy schedules, you can track the reports through Windows software at your convenience.

As security measures increase, the importance of completing the appropriate rounds at desired intervals is rising. Officers today are required to do more than visually examine a checkpoint. The TouchProbe that is issued to all guards from PatrolScan will provide ease of maintenance, high durability, and increased safety in the building.

What kinds of buildings or warehouses is the PatrolScan used?

-        Universities

-        Apartment Buildings

-        Storage Warehouses

-        Hotels

-        Homeowner’s Associations

-        Government Building

-        Retail Stores/Malls

With the ability to track all specific guard movements, as well as any errors that were made in a particular round, the innovative security tracking devices are designed with simple management capabilities, easy solutions, and maximum durability. Offering a free trial and warranty, there are plenty of benefits that come with your software that allow you to take your security to the next level.