What the PatrolScan Software Can Do For Your Facility

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As a business owner, does your facility lack the proper security to ensure its safety? Do you want to keep tabs on your security personnel when you’re away from the facility? With the PatrolScan management software, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

Why trust the security patrol software? The answer is simple. It provides accurate report and tracking measures so you can stay on top of your building’s security without complications. As technology continues to advance, we are constantly trying to keep up. When our building’s security measures are outdated or underused, the facility becomes vulnerable to a breach or a theft. You want to make sure your employees are doing everything in their power to keep your business and building as safe as they can.

What specifically can you track with the PatrolScan? Using a Windows compatible device, you can track the performance, or lack thereof, of your personnel right at your fingertips.


-        Filter the reports based on specific employee/security guard

-        View their tours for evaluations and training. Each guard will be issued a TouchProbe, which they touch to a Memory Chip at each checkpoint, and you can see their performance from the software you’re using.

-        Easily see if there were any incidents in their rounds. Incidents include missed checkpoints, out of sequence checkpoints, or errors.

-        On the tour report, you can see if there was a door left ajar, or the guard didn’t complete their rounds within the specific time frame.

-        Evaluate your security guards, and see how many tours were completed or not completed, and set manageable goals to get the most out of your guard’s performances.

Each checkpoint will have its own chip ID on the back of the memory chip. When you want to see the report for that specific checkpoint, such as the main floor, basement, back door, or the like, you can filter your reporting software to show just that one particular area. Here you can identify if the checkpoint is vulnerable or susceptible to vandalism.

No longer will you have to scour through hours of video footage to find the problem area in your business’ security. With our guard tour patrol system, you are treated to reliable technology to track and manage your building’s security. Keep tabs on your building and your enterprise, ensuring everything is operating smoothly.