What Makes PatrolScan a Leading Guard Tour System?

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When it comes to protecting the safety and security of our building, we want a system that is reliable, provides reports that are easy to read and understand, and allows our security team to use their time wisely. If you choose PatrolScan to ensure your security is up to par, you’ll see why we have quickly become a leading guard tour system. Here, we’ll lay out a few reasons that our customers have found takes their security to the next level.

Time Management: With the data collecting TouchProbe, your employees can walk from post to post and touch the device to the Memory Chip located at each checkpoint. Make sure doors are secure and there is no threat, then touch the chip to send information back to base. You can track progress through any Windows device while your guards will be presented with an easy to use apparatus to get their rounds completed on-time, every time.

Quick Answers to Questions: When you’re using the security tracking devices, you have the system to provide you answers to any questions instantly. With the reporting tool, as you open your Windows device, all the information you’re looking for is at your fingertips. Want to see how long it took a particular guard to complete their round as compared with others? Want to see if any errors were made during the round—like wrong routes, doors left unlocked, checkpoints left un-programmed? When you look at the data, the answers to your questions are staring back at you.

Organization: Each guard tour patrol system from PatrolScan provides complete customization capabilities. The reporting software clearly indicates which guard is on duty, the site location, date and time, schedules, notes, inspections, and more. Allow your business to prosper and make sure you’re taking the right steps with your security to run the business more efficiently. The organization and customization increases employee performance and adds to the security’s motivation.

Going Green: With the technology implemented into the guard tour system, you’re operating on a paperless platform. Track progress and utilize all necessary tools to enhance business operations while carbon footprint is reduced. No more stacks of paper and searching endlessly for one miniscule detail in the data. It’s all presented to you from the Windows-compatible device you’re using. Help the environment and enhance your operations all at the same time.

When implementing the PatrolScan, you’ll see added peace of mind with your security efforts. Never lose track of important data, and see your employees take their performance to the next level. If you have any questions, reach out to our support staff and we’ll get you on the right track to successful security operations.