What are Some of the Security Tracking Devices from PatrolScan?

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At PatrolScan, we exist to help you feel safer and more protected. Security guards are a blessing to have, but sometimes human error can occur. This is where our product comes in. We help eliminate human error by creating products and innovative software designed to track and evaluate your security personnel. Our Guard Tour System is a software system that helps you protect your business and property.

So, what are some of our security tracking devices?

Our security devices give you the simple technology you need to better perform your duties. They offer solutions for any of your security problems. Some of our security devices include:

The PATROLSCAN™ TouchProbe - The PATROLSCAN™ TouchProbe is a new way for you to collect and manage your data. It has a metal case that allows for maximum durability under extreme conditions, like freezing and hot temperatures. This product is best for when environmental factors prevent the use of barcode labels or if you need an accurate and dependable data collecting system.

The PATROLSCAN™ Touch Memory Chips - Our touch memory chips are stainless steel canisters with a unique ID number that’s encoded on the inside. Like the TouchProbe, they can withstand the harshest elements and all kinds of weather. The memory chips get placed at each checkpoint, inside or outside, and are resistant to all types of weather abuse. Their operating temperature can go from an extreme -40 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

PATROLSCAN™ Software - At PatrolScan, we have a user-friendly security patrol software that helps you stay on top of everything seen by security personnel on their patrol tours. The interface of our security rounds scanner provides a dashboard for defining the name of the security guard, chip ID, chip location and site location, which leaves you with an effortless tracking system.

We want to make sure you can maintain a healthy peace of mind when it comes to the security in your building. Our Guard Tour Software can help you achieve that by making you safer and more secure. To learn more about our state-of-the-art software system, contact us at 1-800-878-SCAN(7226) or go to http://www.patrolscan.com/.