What a Security Guard Must Know

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To be a modern-day security guard, you need to have knowledge spanning many different areas. The job is more than just walking around with a badge. Security guards must have the discernment to detect illegal activity and know how to act in response to it.

Just like in any profession, security guards need to know the particulars of their job. They need to have training in technology, firearms, communication, logistics and law. This vitally important training is often overlooked and ignored.

  • Technology – In 2016, it is a necessity to have a working knowledge of computers and technology to be good at their job. This rings true in the security field. Staying up to date with the latest equipment such as drones, guard tour systems and surveillance systems is critical. Knowing how to utilize and adjust it could potentially save a life. A security guard must also know when someone has tampered with their gear.
  • Firearms – Not all security guards carry firearms, but the ones that do should go through training and courses when in uniform. Hours on a gun range and learning how to properly clean and use a weapon is needed.
  • Communication – A security guard must be able to communicate effectively to a colleague and others. They must be able to talk to and understand people from different backgrounds and handle themselves professionally. This isn’t always a given as some security guards might inappropriately speak to people. If an incident occurs, a guard tour system from providers such as PatrolScan can track the security guard in question and allow managers to reprimand them.
  • Logistics – When disaster strikes, security guards must be able to think on their feet and know what to do given the situation. Many locations have active shooter drills and escape procedures written down to provide security guards with the knowledge of how to react and help people during those dire circumstances.
  • Law/Procedures – Security guards should understand the laws and procedures that they are enacting. There are many laws, legal procedures, government regulations, political processes and precedents that they must know.

If you’re looking into becoming a security guard, it is highly recommended that you learn as much as you can about the aforementioned categories. For a more comprehensive learning experience, you can enroll in a criminal justice program at your local college.

In addition to training and higher education, PatrolScan’s products help managers make sure their security guards are up to par. The three core PatrolScan items include the Touch Probe, the Touch Memory Chips and the guard tour software. They improve the accountability of your security staff and provide reliable service.

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