Want the Right Guard Tour System for your Business?

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In today’s world, the amount of danger we face cannot be combatted by security systems alone, and organizing personnel can be a trying task in and of itself. However, with PATROLSCAN, a state-of-the-art guard tour system, not only does it generate succinct reports that track security personnel, but it also:

  • Makes sure guards on a guard tour are completing their rounds on time,
  • Makes sure no checkpoints are missed,
  • Conducts reports on fire inspections,
  • Manages the security level of your building or corporation,
  • Allows you to stay on top of your entire enterprise,
  • Affords you the opportunity to train new guards by recording their precision, time, and overall checkpoint performance,
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (due to a metal case that protects the system),
  • Is water resistant

All of these important attributes maintain the proper security needed to protect your business from the outside danger coming in. Without it, there is always the risk of human error in organizing and sustaining the complexity of security.


Along with having a guard tour patrol system, also comes the importance of security management software. Just like the differences between operating systems on computers, there is a vast, underlying difference between software for Guard Tour Systems. It is imperative that your trust is put into the right software.PATROLSCAN software:

  • Requires no past computer experience
  • Is very user-friendly
  • Installs in minutes
  • Operates on major operating systems
  • Includes one year of free software upgrades
  • Has multi-level user password protection with limited access for lower level users
  • Has Personnel Files, Incident, and Evaluation Reports and an easy-to-use Dashboard

Without the correct software, there not only comes the risk of human error, but also the risk of technical error. When both systems fail, a wide hole can be left gaping for the entry of any outside danger to creep in. This is an overwhelming problem, but even so, the simple solution would be to invest in a Guard Tour System that you both trust and can easily integrate into your already-established routine for your building, business, or corporation.