Tips to Help You Motivate Your Security Guards

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A less than effective security force can cause problems for many individuals. If you’re a business owner or a manager and you need to find a few ways to motivate the security guards on your team, there are a few ways tips from PatrolScan that can help you achieve the results you desire. With the real threat of intrusion or damage exacerbated with a less than motivated security team, it pays to implement a few tips to get everyone back on track.

The safety of your establishment relies on a dependable security force. Security personnel perform important duties that make or break a company’s reputation. At PatrolScan, we offer a respected guard tour patrol system for all business that need it. We know that it can be hard to get morale up when boredom or lack of rewards seem to cloud your employees’ job functions, but why compromise on safety when you can simply try a few of these ideas?

1. Build a work culture.

The most effective way to build community at your place of work is by providing the space for your employees to interact with each other. Believe it or not, allowing time to engage with one another is a large part of what keeps people motivated on the job. One of the hardest parts about bringing employees together is the fact that most security guards work alone. Think about ways to get the teammates together, whether it’s a company lunch once a month, an online forum for questions or ideas, or a common room with bulletin board announcements.

2. Provide ongoing training.

One of the best ways to get your security team motivated is by offering work trainings as often as possible. Work trainings allow people to share ideas, interact and see one another in a setting that is different from their usual role on the job. You can incorporate team-building exercises, show short video clips, and even invite guest speakers. If you want your security guards to perform to the best of their abilities, then offer them the best training you can afford. Check out our guard tour systems for more ideas on how to implement quality motivation tools to your business.

3. Seek opportunities for engagement.

Many business owners and managers are so busy trying to keep all systems running smoothly that they never take the time to ask for employee input. When your security guards feel valued and respected, they will likely respond with positive behavior in return. Look for as many opportunities as possible to engage with your team and ask questions to check in and see how they are feeling about their performance.