Tips For Security Guards Presented with New Guard Tour System

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We all have a difficult time keeping up with constant changes of technology. Once we get used to the way things are, systems advance and we have to learn how to use a new device. The same can be said about guard tour systems and security management software. Luckily, you don’t have to be a tech genius or a computer whiz to operate the PatrolScan software.

Sure, we all like to take shortcuts when they’re presented, but with the ability to download reports and track your progress through the rounds, we suggest you stick to course and make sure you hit the appropriate checkpoints at the correct time intervals. Otherwise, your boss will read the incident reports and you’ll end up suffering the consequences.



We’ll lay out a few tips for you to simplify the transition to PatrolScan.

  • How to use your portion of the guard tour patrol system: You, as the security guard, will be issued a TouchProbe, which you can keep on your person at all times. Hook it to a belt clip, keep it in your pocket, stick it in the sleeve pocket on your shirt, or just put it on your keychain with your car keys. From there, you simply point and touch. The probe is tamper-proof, and has a metal point which you will touch to the chips at each checkpoint. Keep in mind, though, follow the checkpoints in order, or your superiors will know if a mistake has been made in your round.
PatrolScan TouchProbe software

It’s easy to perform your duties properly as a security guard. But what happens when you get lazy, or you skip a few checkpoints, maybe even a few rounds?

  • What can your superiors track through the software? Tour reports provide administrators and superiors with all the information they need to know. While each chip has a unique number, they can see where you’ve gone, what time you got there, and how many rounds were completed per shift.
  • There is an incident report included in their tour report. It shows how many chips were not programmed (were missed), how many you triggered twice, if there were any mistakes, and if you were thorough or took your time through the round.

Systems like PatrolScan were created to increase the efficiency of your building’s security, therefore increasing safety. We want to provide you with an easy to use piece of equipment that you’ll enjoy using. Our guard tour system won’t give you many problems if you use it correctly, and you’ll find that you’ve completed your rounds with much more proficiency than before.

We know PatrolScan software can benefit your building’s security personnel. When you want to try it, give us a call for a free trial so you can get accustomed to the simplicity of advancing technology.