Three Ways to Better Protect Your Business This Spring

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Did you know that as the spring season arrives, your likelihood of a facility break-in increases? It’s true! According to a study titled “The Influence of Seasons on Crime Rate” performed by the Northwestern University’s School of Law and published in the Journal of Law and Criminology, break-in rates begin to rise in the spring season, spiking in the dog days of summer. At PatrolScan, we’re committed to helping every business owner ensure the security and safety of their facility, staff, and merchandise. Read on to learn three easy ways to help keep your business safer before the spring season.

  • Educate employees on cybercrime. One of the biggest factors that is making it easier than ever for breaches of security to occur is the spread of social media and the internet. Educate your employees on cybercrime to reduce the risk of your business becoming targeted by thieves. Make sure employees know that passwords and keycodes should never be shared online or via social media, even if they know the person they are sending data to. You should also explain to employees that they should never post photos of the interior of your facility on social media—these can act as blueprints for criminals.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. Break-ins are often a snap decision. Keeping high fencing around expensive merchandise, vehicles, and equipment to ensure that thieves are not tempted to turn your facility into a target.
  • Install an accountability system. Guard tour software is important to maintain the integrity and accountability of your security team. Installing an employee monitoring system like the ones offered by PatrolScan can help to keep your business safer this spring.

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