Three Signs of a Bad Security Guard

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Are your security guards constantly on their phones, too distracted, spaced out or too often on the verge of falling asleep?

Yes, it’s time to make some changes.

Security guards have very important responsibilities. They are in charge of making sure your working environment is secure and safe, whether they’re patrolling the premises, restraining trespassers, informing violators of policies and procedures, controlling traffic or quickly obtaining more help during a stressful situation. Security guards write out reports based on their observations, information, surveillance footage and witness interviews.

If your security guard isn’t accomplishing these tasks, what are you waiting for? Here are some  telling signs of a bad security guard via PatrolScan, a leading guard tour systems provider in Ambler, PA, and surrounding areas.

Sleeping on the job – This one is obvious and there’s nothing more infuriating than walking into your business and seeing your security guard dozing off. But measures can be taken to prevent this from happening as well. Every security guard’s schedule should be tailored toward their individual needs. Some guards are better morning people, while others prefer night shifts. Another option is working in teams and having 20 minutes per shift. If a security guard is still dozing off after changes are made, unemployment will follow.

Poor body posture - Many security guards have to stand for hours at a time, so maintaining proper body posture and staying in a balanced and upright position is harder than it looks. Some guards develop bad habits, like leaning against the wall or keeping their hands in their pockets. How is a guard supposed to ensure confidence to the public if he has bad body posture?

Lacking Uniform Etiquette - Instilling confidence in the public is easier for a security guard who is properly dressed and wearing a complete uniform. Some guards give into the desire to wear jeans or keep their shirts untucked. This might give the assumption to the public of unpreparedness and being incapable of intervening during an event.

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