Three Benefits of Choosing PatrolScan’s Security Tracking Devices

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When it comes to security tracking devices, there is a lot on the market to choose from. Not all security devices, however, are made the same, and not all security devices provide the same performance. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art security tracking devices that won’t disappoint in the most crucial of situations, then PatrolScan has exactly what you need. Nowadays, it’s not worth the risk to go unprotected on the job, and PatrolScan takes this into consideration with the design and the execution of their products There are many reasons to choose PatrolScan’s security tracking devices, but we’ve got our top three favorites.

PatrolScan offers a guard tour software system that provides crisp, clear reports for tracking and evaluating security personnel. PatrolScan has been in the business for over thirteen years now, so we know what it takes to keep both your property and your business protected. If you need to find a guard tour system that works for your personal needs, then PatrolScan can offer some amazing devices. You’ll no longer need to stress about building security, tracking, fire inspections or equipment maintenance with a security device tracking system that handles all of your responsibilities with proficiency and ease.

1. Dependability

The PatrolScan TouchProbe is an innovative way to collect and record data. The metal case offers the ultimate in durability, even when conditions are extreme. When you can’t easily access barcode labels, or when your team needs a secure, tamper-proof system to rely on in critical situations, the PatrolScan TouchProbe can’t be beat. If you’re in need of a guard tour patrol system, then PatrolScan can help get you started. Dependability is what makes the PatrolScan TouchProbe so amazing.

2. Resiliency

The PatrolScan Touch Memory Chip is another reason to keep us in mind for all of your security tracking device needs. The Touch Memory Chip is a stainless steel canister that your security team can use for all of its duties. The canister has a unique ID code embedded inside, and they come with our ten year guarantee. Again, PatrolScan has you covered when it comes to extreme conditions. You’ll no longer need to worry about voltage, impact or temperature when you use a PatrolScan Touch Memory Chip.

3. Accuracy

The PatrolScan Security Patrol Software helps you stay on top of your game with 100 percent accuracy. Your security personnel will now have the ability to record everything they see on their tours, and the recording will be flawlessly accurate. The functions are intuitive, and the interface is amazingly precise.