The Case for Organization

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You were told from a young age that organization is good. Whether your parents preached the importance of cleaning your room or your teachers asked you to arrange your projects in a neat manner, the ideal of organization has been drilled into your head since you were crawling around in diapers.

Minus the seemingly ineffective and time-consuming bureaucracy of government, — Yes, DMV, I’m looking at you — organization can be greatly useful in your life. Many benefits of organization span over a variety of fields.


Strong organizational skills are usually possessed by successful students. Honors students usually balance multiple things at once. Those who lack this talent are likely to procrastinate and use those overused excuses such as, “My dog ate my homework.” Blah, blah, blah. Yes, it can be difficult to stay organized as a student with classes, homework, sports and clubs, but learning how to organize will mold you into a productive person for the rest of your life.


Working in the health field requires being efficient and utilizing organization. Doctors and nurses keep records on their patients and their disorders. For example, you have become sick and turn to your doctor as a last measure. Your unorganized doctor then writes you a prescription for a medication that you are allergic to, making you even more ill.

This organization carries into how an emergency room functions. Wait times are decreased with a better run staff of doctors and nurses and system on which patients to treat.


Being a manager or supervisor, you must possess organizational skills. Managing your staff’s workload, knowing their schedule and tracking their progress all include being proficient with organization. Systems are put into effect to help managers with organization. An example of this are programs such as spreadsheets, chat channels and guard tour management systems.


Organization in the field of safety and law enforcement is paramount. Safety personnel can adequately address an incident and save lives by having an organized crime-fighting strategy and using a number of different codes. Organization rings true in the security field as well. Managers can use state-of-the-art guard tour software, made by leading companies such as PatrolScan, to keep track of their staff and make sure they are completing their assigned rounds.

As you can see, organization is all-encompassing in life. Companies like PatrolScan practice this valuable life skill with their efficient guard tour systems. This product can also be used for conducting reports on fire inspections, tracking personnel and managing the security level in your building or corporation.

If you are a security manager and want to make the next step to becoming more organized, invest in a quality PatrolScan guard tour system to make sure you are getting the best security you can get.