The Biggest Problem with Security Patrolling, and How You Can Fix It

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When it comes to securing a premises, some security patrols are well-crafted, efficient, and effective while others are merely masquerading as secure when in reality, there are fundamental lapses in coverage that come from inadequate planning and design.

For a security patrol to be effective, your team needs an intelligently-designed patrol route and a team of skilled, experienced guards to perform their patrol routes competently. While many facilities with security patrolling do, in fact, hire professionals and have a system in place that was crafted by a seasoned security expert, there is still one major component that often gets overlooked and exposes a company to a security breach on a regular basis.

In this post, we’ll explain the ins and outs of security patrolling and where many otherwise strong guard tour systems fall short.

What Most Security Patrols Get Right

When securing a property, many organizations understand the importance of a professionally-designed patrol route. They know not to simply trust the guards to stay vigilant and proactive when an expertly-crafted patrol route can eliminate the potential for lapses in judgment.

Additionally, creating a strong team of security guards goes a long way in the overall effectiveness of the system. Trusting anyone on a security patrol is just begging for a breach, and many decision-makers understand this when making their security teams.

When executed correctly, many security patrols can be incredibly effective. Unfortunately, they are not always carried out as planned, which is where many patrols fall short.

Where Many Fall Short

The biggest liability for many security patrols is human error. Guards not hitting every checkpoint on each route or purposely skipping certain areas due to laziness, forgetfulness, or any other reason can create massive liability and risk for a business. Some newer employees can pick up bad habits from seasoned guards and create a systemic risk for the company.

How You Can Solve This Problem

To solve this problem that many facilities face, a simple, intelligently-designed security tracking software can be of immense use, which is why PatrolScan has developed its guard tour system to monitor and report patrol route metrics. This ensures the guards are hitting their checkpoints when they should be and that the facility is being patrolled according to the pre-designed security routes.

To learn more about the PatrolScan system, click here or contact a representative from PatrolScan today.