The Benefits of a Patrol Tour System

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Sure, security guards are a great way to guarantee protection—if staff members are actually doing their jobs, that is…


But since they are there after business hours, while you’re away from the building, there just isn’t a good way to ensure that the security team is actually conducting their rounds and staying awake, so you might as well just cut your losses and be thankful that someone’s even there to begin with, right?




Go the extra mile with our state of the art patrol tour system, and assure yourself that the guards are making their rounds, every time.


Here are (some of) the benefits of having a Patrolscan system:


You can check in more easily

Since the guards have to check in during their rounds, that allows you to check in on them, and review tangible data which proves that they did—or did not—do their jobs properly.


They’ll Strive to Perform Better

When they know that the boss can check up on their productivity at the snap of a finger, that fact will motivate the guards not to slack off.


Ease of Use

While the technology behind a Patrolscan system itself is pretty advanced, the end user experience is a piece of cake. Your security team won’t have to worry about learning curves once the security guard patrol system is all set up.


Data, Baby!

With an unregulated security team, how can you ever know whether or not their services are effective? When they use Patrolscan, they’re automatically contributing to a digital paper trail of data, which can come in handy for a plethora of reasons is you ever want to access those hard numbers.


Rest With Ease

You’ll be able to breathe easier knowing that you’ve taken every measure possible to protect your business.


Your security team is trained extensively to handle invasion attempts, and Patrolscan allows them to detect—and deflect—those intruders faster than they ever could have. Do your business the justice it deserves with the property monitoring security solution that has proven its effectiveness time and time again—Patrolscan!