The Anatomy of a Great Security Patrol System

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A reliable guard tour system can help a business make the most of its security patrols. With a range of security software available, including electronic logging devices, RFID checkpoints, and GPS sensors for patrol monitoring, it can be difficult to know what devices are best for your unique situation.

In this article, we’ll explain the makeup of a strong guard tour patrol system, so that you can better evaluate your facility’s security system and understand the components that can be improved to maximize both efficiency and overall protection.

Let’s begin.

It Centers Around Your Security Goals

Each location is unique and deserves a personalized guard tour system to effectively patrol the area. Depending on your security goals, your system should be aligned to match the needs of your facility. Whether you’re trying to ward off intruders, detect potential thieves, or monitor critical files or materials, the layout of your patrol system should have your security goals as the central focus of everything.

Your Checkpoints Reinforce These Goals

Going hand-in-hand with the above point, your system should not only have your security goals in mind, but it should also have systematic checkpoints to reinforce these goals. For instance, if one building on the premises is significantly more valuable than others, your guards should be monitoring or stopping there more frequently, and an RFID checkpoint to enforce this is one fool-proof way to accomplish this.

The System Makes Life Easy On Your Guards

Using the latest security technology, your system should make the job as easy as possible for your guards. Electronic logging devices and GPS tracking systems eliminate the need for reporting and allow your guards to track their patrols with minimal effort. This leads to a more efficient use of your guards’ time and gives you access to in-depth patrol metrics which can help to improve and optimize your system over time.

One of the most effective security patrol systems on the market, PatrolScan systems use these integrated technologies to improve security and efficiency for a wide range of facilities. Learn more about these systems by visiting our page here.