The 5 Ws of Guard Tour Systems

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We are proud of the wealth of information we’ve been able to provide with this blog. We hope our customers, and anyone else interested, has been able to walk away from one of our posts knowing more about guard tour systems than he or she did before arriving at our blog page. With that in mind, we realized that we have not yet had the opportunity to write a post about how guard tour systems work. So, for this post, we will be focusing on who guard tour systems are designed for; what they do; when they should be used; where they should be implemented; why they should be used; and how they work.

  • Who

Guard tour systems are for security operations managers, business owners and security guards. Security managers are able to ensure their guards are making their rounds and dutifully performing their jobs. Guard tour systems allow security guards to report on their work; and they help keep entire facilities safe in performing the previously mentioned functions, which is what any business or property owner wants out of his or her security personnel.

  • What

Guard tour systems are technological systems used for monitoring and reporting on security guard behavior. Our state-of-the-art systems generate clear, concise reports to track and evaluate security operations and personnel.

  • When

Guard tour systems are designed for any time there is a security shift in progress. Businesses and managers who use guard tour systems can rely on them round the clock to ensure constant oversight of their business’ or property’s security operations.

  • Where

Guard tour systems are for anywhere there is security. Places that need to have accurate, reliable security reports for any reason should have a guard tour system in place to assist with doing so.

  • Why

Businesses need guard tour systems to improve the overall functionality and usefulness of their security operations. With our guard tour systems, security managers can easily generate reliable and accurate reports to evaluate the status of their security teams.

  • How

Technologically speaking, our guard tour systems rely on chips that are placed at designated checkpoints. When a security guard gets within range of one of the aforementioned chips, all he or she must do is record their position with the TouchProbe. Guards using our system can also record audio and video of what they see and hear to ensure thorough reporting.

We hope this post was able to shine a bit more light on what exactly guard tour systems are. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in a free trial of one of our guard tour systems, give us a call at 1-800-878-SCAN (7226).