Take Control of Your Workforce with Integrated Guard Tour Solutions

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Are your security guards lacking in performance, or taking too long to complete their rounds?

PatrolScan is an advanced solution that allows you to integrate guard patrol software to take control of your workforce. How?

It’s simple.

The products are powerful security tracking devices that guides officers through their rounds, simultaneously allowing building managers to view their performance. As guards are passing each checkpoint, point your probe at the chip located at each checkpoint for an integrated solution.

Witness as rounds are conducted, and track the performance to see whether any points were missed, duplicated, or if issues presented themselves. Was a door left open? Did your security guard initiate a vulnerability? Watch the entire operation transpire through audio and video features on any Windows device.

  • Alerts in Real Time
  • Incident Reporting
  • Quick Answers to Burning Questions
  • Personnel Evaluation
  • Reduces Administrative Tasks

The benefits are plentiful, and you’re helping the environment. No piles of paper and reducing your carbon footprint helps you go green. Customize the dashboard and interface for a personal experience, and take control of your personnel, ensuring they are operating efficiently and up to company standards.

  • Collect Data
  • Organize Reports
  • Store Data
  • Accurately Manage Operations

The process is easy for your guards to make the most of their performance, while you can conduct trainings and reports through the security management software. Keep costs low with the elimination of manual labor, and no storage of paper records or documents.

We make sure all of our clients are satisfied with the performance of the software, and we design every device with our users in mind. Keeping the technology up to date, our guard tour operations are completely integrated into your operation.

Security measures should not be taken lightly in today’s day and age. With the threat of harm around every corner, more time and effort has been put into ensuring every property, building, school, and municipality remains safe.

Enhance your operations and learn to keep your building secure through modern technology and accurate, reliable reporting. The PatrolScan software gives you the organization and data management that streamlines productivity and answers your questions regarding particular personnel.

With paperless reporting and customized metrics to track your security, you will improve accountability of your security personnel and profitability of the company. Get the very best in technology, and take the data with you on any Windows device. Constantly upgrading and updating, the customized solution takes your operations into the future.