Streamline Security Operations With a Guard Tour System

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Does your venue need a streamlined solution for increased security performance and further accountability? Technology advancements enable the use of all-in-one products and software to more effectively manage the operations of your security officers.

With the availability of a guard tour system to improve your operations, you can keep an eye on inefficiencies at your venue while providing the tools and equipment needed to streamline your productivity.

How does the security guard tour from PatrolScan benefit your venue?

Streamlined Training. The simple process will train your security team in minutes. The efficient solutions will leave your staff with the tools and software needed to complete rounds quicker with more accountability. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing your guards can be trained in minimal time.

Control for Management. As a security supervisor, there’s a lot riding on your shoulders. In order to maintain control of your security efforts, you need to stay connected and have an immediate response time. You can track each guard on your staff, and be presented with accurate reports from any location as to their productivity through each round.  You receive real-time information with reduced risk for your building.

Increased Capabilities. Nowadays, you won’t have to conduct paper reports on the safety and security of your business. Your guards will be held accountable for their actions, and this will force them to work harder and accomplish more in their rounds knowing their movements are being tracked. They’ll know that if a checkpoint is passed out of order or if there is an incident like a door left open, they’ll be held accountable.

Documentation. Every move made by your security personnel is tracked and documented. Once a checkpoint is passed, your guards will touch their probe against the memory chip where your action is digitally delivered. You can see which guard completed which round, and whether mistakes were made. With clear documentation, you can resolve any reoccurring circumstances quickly and without wasting money.

In the 21st century, you need accurate documentation and a legible report. You can manage the information you’re seeing, and address the data instantly. If your team is falling behind, face the problems head on and turn around your operation.

Make the job of your security easier with our security tracking devices. The simplified process will enhance the security measures at your facility or venue. Improve accountability and tweak any processes that will aid in streamlining your security. Think about utilizing technology to your advantage, and contact PatrolScan for a free trial.