Provide a Simple Solution for Hospital Security Guards with an Innovative Patrol System

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Healthcare facilities face many threats to security. With the amount of drugs, unstable patients, and threat of harm toward doctors and nurses, security guards face a large amount of challenges. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study that concluded health care employees are five times more likely to be harmed or assaulted than an average worker in every other industry combined. A security guard at a hospital is also more likely to be in harm’s way due to hospital violence.

You want to make sure the building is safe and secure. With the heavy traffic in hospitals at all hours of the day, video surveillance and response strategies are implemented to enhance the safety of guards, staff and patients. To help the guards maintain focus on threats to doctors and nurses, there are many benefits associated with the additional measure of implementing innovative patrol systems and security tracking devices.

With the patrol system from PatrolScan, your guards can get through their rounds quickly and efficiently, saving time to assess risks and track monitoring efforts. Utilizing a product like the PatrolScan is geared primarily toward guards who routinely conduct rounds around the building.

How will it provide a simple and streamlined solution for rounds?

With three simple components to the system, you can get through your rounds effortlessly. The first step is placing a Memory Chip at the location of each round. The second step is setting up reporting measures through a Windows compatible device.

The software allows you to instantly see if there are security alerts in the building on one easy to use dashboard. Dashboards are customized based on the number of checkpoints that are passed, and the particular building or wing in the hospital.

The third step is issuing a customized touch probe to each guard that can be attached to their belts or keychains. They use the probe to touch the chip, which records on the software that that checkpoint has been completed. On the software, you can see a summary of their round, incidents and errors that were made, how long it took, and chips touched out of sequence.

The solution allows guards to complete their rounds without disturbances, and offers a unique way to train new guards.

How will the PatrolScan benefit hospitals?

When you’ve completed your rounds quickly, and if they were completed correctly, the building will be safe. Your guards can then spend time assessing other areas of the hospital, checking on doctors and nurses, and responding to concerns over disorderly or violent patients. You can spend your shift in between rounds monitoring, establishing relationships with staff, and helping patients knowing that there is a sense of security in the hospital.

Think about the best ways to keep your hospital safe. If you can benefit from a guard tour system, we’ll offer you a no obligation free trial. Streamline the performance of your guards. We’re here to help.