Peace of Mind with Your Guard Tour Patrol System

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Does your Guard Tour System give you a peace of mind? Can you blindly trust that your employees are hitting all their checkpoints? You are only one person, and with so many rounds that must be made to ensure the ultimate safety for your company, building, facility, or business, how can you possibly keep your employees’ Guard Tour in check?

Within the last 13 years, Guard Tour Patrol Systems have become an effective way to ensure that you stay on top of your guard tours. Anything can happen while on the job, and if a guard does not reach a designated checkpoint or watch station within a certain amount of time, other staff can be dispatched to ensure the safety and well-being of that employee. The interval between set stations or designated checkpoints can be timed in the case of any unforeseen incident.

With Guard Tour Systems, you also have the option of using a PATROLSCAN TouchProbe. This product is an entirely innovative way of collecting and managing your data, tamper-free. It is a dependable and accurate data-collecting system that uses security-tracking devices that your guards carry on their person. Once they reach a selected checkpoint, they would then touch their probe to a uniquely designed memory chip, which times and date-stamps when they reached that checkpoint as well as if they never reach it. The features of this TouchProbe includes:

  • A cast metal case with keyring
  • It is water-resistant
  • Its Dimensions are: 4.5” Length, 1.5” Width, 0.8” Height
  • Its Weight is: 5.8 ounces
  • Its Operating Temperature Limits are: -40 to 130 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Its Memory is: 218,000 RAM, 5000 Reads
  • It contains: 9 V Lithium or Alkaline Batteries (Includes 3V rechargeable Lithium backup battery)
  • Its Battery Life is: Lithium 2 years, Alkaline 1 year
  • It has both Visual and Audio Indicators

Using the PATROLSCAN TouchProbe, not only does it efficiently protect the lives of your employees, but it also shelters the integrity of your facility. With this product, while running a Guard Tour, there will be no room for misdemeanor or dishonesty, and thus no holes in the security.

There is also no limit for the usage of a Guard Tour System. Whether you are guarding a compound, vaults, specimen refrigerators, vital equipment, or simply access points, having a reliable system is imperative. While making sure that an appointed guard appropriately completes their rounds within the designated time slot, it also can provide a record for legal or insurance reasons.

You can be assured that having a Guard Tour Patrol System at your beck and call will certainly give you the peace of mind you deserve.