Occupational Hazards of Being A Security Guard

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As a leading provider of security guard patrol systems, PatrolScan understands how dangerous the job of a security guard can be. Security guards put themselves in harms way to do their jobs which can leave them open to being victims of violent crimes. Frequently, guards have to work long hours and cover the night shift. Working irregular hours coupled with the immense responsibility of protection can cause stress and burnout. The International Labor Organization even gives five occupational hazards security guards should be aware of.


Accident Hazards


Accident hazards for security guards make up the bulk of hazards. From slip and falls on wet ground to injuries accumulated while trying to subdue a criminal, there are a lot of ways for a guard to hurt themselves. They also run the risk of falling from a height, electric shock, gunshot accidents, dog bits, road accidents, fire and explosion hazards.


Physical Hazards


The most prominent physical hazard facing the guards is the environment. Being exposed to harsh elements for long periods of time can cause acute or chronic diseases.


Chemical Hazards


There are no specific chemical hazards associated with being a security guard but depending on their place of employment certain guards can face unique chemical hazards. Working in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries and university laboratories put guards at risk for chemical exposure.


Biological Hazards


Similar to chemical hazards, there are no specific biological hazards associated with being a security guard. But, working in a hospital or biological research laboratory puts security guards at the same risk for biological hazards as other workers in those industries.


Ergonomic, Psychosocial, and Organizational Factors


Heavy stress and fatigue put guards at risk for serious health problems. The job’s demanding and irregular hours can cause a strain on families and burnout in guards who feel overworked.  Extreme fatigue and Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) are not uncommon when working as a security guard.


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