Increase Your Security Measures and Patrol Software as we Head into a New Year

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As another year comes to a close, we start to look at the year ahead and how we can increase productivity. For business offices, that means upgraded technology and better phone systems for easier communication. In the security industry, that means upgraded security patrol software so guards can make their rounds easier, and managers can track movements to ensure productivity.

PatrolScan TouchProbe software

One of the best ways to bring your New Year’s Resolutions to life in regards to your security measures is to intensify your software in a way that saves money while increasing performance of your employees and security guards. Go over your budget, and look at the amount of money you have to spend for security personnel and software.

No matter if you run security in a public library, a private university, an apartment building, tech firm, or bank, there are always risks and threats. When you allocate enough of your budget to security, take advantage of the many benefits of our guard tour systems.

Guarantee. When you place the security tracking devices from PatrolScan in and around your building, you’re treated to a one year guarantee against malfunctions and mechanical issues. If a problem does arise, a tech team will fix the problem without charge. When you’re deciding whether you can afford to increase your security measures in 2015, our guarantee will help you feel confident in your decision.

Free Trial. Your decision has just become easier. Our guard tour systems come with a free trial so you can get used to the software without committing to installations. Once you see how easy and reliable it is for you and your security guards, you can effectively increase your patrol software as we head into a new year.  Plus, when you’re considering a budget for your security, there’s no more affordable or fair price than PatrolScan.

How does a simple patrol system increase your guards’ performance?

Accurate reports. When guards make an error, it’s tracked. When you set goals for your security personnel, you can manage them from wherever you are. When training needs to be conducted, you can analyze performance for incidents and progress.

For a fraction of the cost of other patrol systems and guard tours, you can increase your security measures and protect your property with ease. Start the New Year off right, and let your guards try out the PatrolScan. Once you see how durable and reliable the system is, you’ll see the investment as beneficial.