Increase the Safety of Your College Campus with Elite Security Management Software

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Students invest a lot of time and money in their education, and universities do their best to maintain a safe campus environment. As a way to increase security measures for guards making their rounds from building to building, innovative technologies have made the process easier for security guards and their management team to keep tabs on the entire campus.


Security tracking devices are utilized through the PatrolScan product, and consistency is completed with the efficient and complex process used. The gaps in your security solutions will be bridged when you utilize the software provided by PatrolScan, allowing your campus to remain safe and secure for all students and visitors throughout the year.

How does that product benefit your college or university?

Monitoring: If there is a breach in security or a vulnerability, you might not have time to find where the problem is coming from. With a monitoring measure that allows access through any Windows compatible device, you can monitor your campus security from anywhere. Clearly identify all areas where your chip is placed, and the reporting tools offer you the convenience of knowing if a door has been left open or if your guards are maintaining safety goals. Enjoy ongoing reporting to ensure you can adjust your security measures on an as needed basis.

Operations: Our device is intended to speed up operations for users with a centralized device. The product is simple to use for the most technologically illiterate guards on patrol, and allows them to take charge and control in maintaining your campus safety. A touch and click probe is unique to all guards so you know which guard was on duty and how efficiently they completed their rounds for the smoothest running operation on your campus.

Reports: Analyze the entirety of your security management. Your reporting is all customized with the PatrolScan, and offers you an abundance of options. Keep an eye on a vulnerable zone of your campus, or receive incident and personnel evaluations to ensure your guards are performing their duty in maintaining a safe campus. The reports help you to identify and fix problem areas on your campus before a tragedy or issue arises.


Workflow: When you have the PatrolScan system implemented onto your campus, you’ll enjoy a smoother work experience and increased efficiency. Quickly go from checkpoint to checkpoint through the campus, and complete your round in a quicker manner. The system can be installed in a matter of minutes and provides an innovative way to maintain your campus security. With the easy to use software, you can stay on top of your entire enterprise with one quick click.

When you are concerned about the safety of your campus and the security management software you’re using, reach out to inquire about the PatrolScan. The simple to use platform and reliable reporting will help keep your mind at ease when the campus is flooded with students and visitors. With a free trial, you’ll experience all the benefits without commitment.