How You Can Get the Most of Your Guard Tour System

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Your security guards are tasked with making their rounds at specific intervals, but as the owner of a business, you can’t watch their every move. You have to trust they’re doing their jobs efficiently. So, you implement a guard tour system to make it easy for your guards to record where they have been, and also how long it took them to get from one point to another. With the advances in technology, your job as an owner has made it easier than ever to stay on top of the guards in your building. With this elite system, what features allow you to get the most of it?

guard tour system

Personnel Reports. As a supervisor or owner of a building, you can now evaluate your personnel without being on site. With the Windows operated device that PatrolScan offers, you can view where a guard has been while on patrol. You can see how diligent they are in their duties, and whether or not they yield to mistakes on a regular basis.

With the personnel reports, filter your reports based on employee, and see how many points were checked. You can easily tell if there were any incidents during the tour, and the exact points where an error was made. This is a great report for training, so your guards know exactly how they are expected to work. It allows you and your security personnel to set and maintain goals related to the job, and keep tabs on them at your leisure.

Simplicity. Just point your probe—linked to your keychain—at the chips at each checkpoint. Once you touch the chip, it will send the report back to the security management software for your supervisor to review. Your job is not in IT; it’s in safety and security. We don’t want you to spend your time learning how to use a device if it takes away from your work. Point and record. Simple.

With its video and audio indicators, whatever your guards see, you see. This way, nothing goes unnoticed, and nothing is forgotten about. Quality security at your hands.

Take Advantage of Our Tech Support. Though we design our products to withstand the temperatures and various storms for both indoor and outdoor checkpoints, you may see the Windows software begin to malfunction. When you utilize PatrolScan for your guard tours, we provide you with lifetime tech support. We’ll guide you through the problem so you can get back to optimal performance in no time.

Stay on top of your personnel. Implement high quality and high performing tour systems that provide you with all you need for reliable reports.