How to Use Our Guard Tour System Software

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No matter what industry you’re in, security measures and the way we keep an eye on our property are advancing. We are simplifying the process and allowing you to control your building’s safety and security more easily. The usability, durability, and simplicity of our security tracking devices make the software of our guard tour system take your reporting to the next level.

When you utilize the PatrolScan, how can you use the software? There are many aspects to our innovative products, and we’ll walk you through what makes the process simplified.

Security Guard Tour Systems

Tour Process. Your security guards are stuck in their routines of going through their rounds and making sure the area is safe before moving to the next checkpoint. With the guard tour system, you have the software needed for your guards to excel at their duties and for you to track their movements. The guards will walk through their rounds, at checkpoints both indoors and outdoors, and use a probe to mark their progress as they pass checkpoints. You will place chips at each location, and the guards will touch the chips with their probe. Through a Windows device, you can see live reporting and view other reports at a time of your convenience.

Incident Recording. All guards will receive their own unique ID, and the software alerts if there were any incidents, missed checkpoints, violations, or if the round was completed out of sequence. Track time and progress and identify problem areas with your building. When there is a problem with any aspect of your building’s or property’s security, you’ll see those incidents directly on your reporting software. From maintenance to doors left open to broken windows or other concerns, stay on top of all problems with our software.

Technology. As you control the security and your guards operations, utilize any Windows compatible device to maintain accurate reporting measures. Your handheld probes and our microchips represent your location, your identification, and your observations. Made with quality, weather-resistant and tamper proof technology, you’ll be presented with accurate and effective information to enhance your security operation.

Simplified. We want you to be quick and thorough with your reporting and your rounds. You’ll receive the ability to track progressions or regressions with your security personnel, and even the computer novice will be able to read the user-friendly data. Our products advance and become easier to use as technology continues to advance.

Take charge of your security operation and take the performance of your employee’s to the next level. Those using the PatrolScan have seen firsthand the benefits and reliability associated with the product. Effectively manage your time and personnel, and maximize your security measures through the elite system.