How to Motivate Your Security Staff

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For managers and business owners, uttering the words “I have to get my security staff to do a better job” is often difficult. A lackluster security force can cause all kind of problems for businesses. Not only is the threat of intrusion or damage heightened when security guards don’t meet expectations, the overall safety of an establishment is threatened as well.

Security guards are not the cartoonish figures often portrayed in popular culture. There are no Paul Blarts snooping around, following clues and pretending to be police officers. Security guards perform vital functions in the organizational hierarchy of the businesses that employ them. That’s why it is dangerous to have a guard that doesn’t perform his or her duties up to spec: everything gets compromised.

There is a lot of turnover in security jobs, and there are a few things that affect security guard performance. Consider examining the areas below if you want to improve your security force.

  1. Engagement – Managers often say, “My employees aren’t engaged in their work.” Have they ever thought about engaging their employees instead of expecting them to jump in head first? Ask for your guards’ input to start. See if they think things are running as smoothly as they possibly can. Give them a voice and they’ll invest themselves in their jobs.
  2. Job satisfaction – This is an issue that plagues employees in almost every industry. Not everyone wants to go to work. But if you can make your security guards feel like their work is important or worthwhile, chances are you’ll see a spike in their performance.
  3. Fulfillment – Are your security guards feeling fulfilled? Are they paid well? Are their benefits satisfactory? If you can’t answer “yes” to any of these questions, it may be time to take a look at what it is you’re compensating your employees with.
  4. Training – Were your guards trained enough? If you find yourself saying things like, “I wish they’d just get it,” then perhaps you shortchanged your staff in regards to training. If they’re not performing up to par, it’s likely they weren’t trained correctly.


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