How To Help Your Guards Prepare For Their First Graveyard Shifts

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Working the night shift puts stress on anyone’s body, so it is essential that you prepare your guards for a graveyard shift correctly. As a security manager, you can help your guards prepare for their first night shift so that they will be well rested and alert during their tour. Here are five tips for helping your staff prep for a night shift.


  1. Create a routine


Encourage your guards to plan before they start their shift and to keep a routine for shifts down the road. They should track their sleeping habits to make sure they are getting a full 8 hours of rest before work. Also, they should get up and go to bed at the same time for every night shift. This will help their bodies develop a pattern and cause less stress because their bodies will be used to the routine.


2. Stay hydrated and bring a snack


By increasing their water intake, guards can help fend off dehydration. They should also bring a snack with them to help stay alert.


3. Caffeine


Some guards swear by drinking coffee or other caffeinated energy drinks. However, let your guards know that they shouldn’t drink caffeine towards the end of a shift as it can make it hard for them to fall asleep once they’re home.


4. Read old reports


Reading old incident reports will give your guards motivation to stay alert during their shift. PatrolScan’s security patrol software makes it easy for guards to access incident reports and learn about situations they may not have known happened. They can keep an eye out just in case the situation arises again.


5. Watch out for bright lights


If your guards plan on going straight to bed after their shifts, tell them to invest in blackout curtains for their bedrooms because sunlight makes the body want to stay awake.


PatrolScan’s security guard patrol system can help you monitor whether or not your guards are completing their tours and make it to the proper checkpoints. Our guard patrol software not only lets you monitor where you guards are, it tells you what how long it took them to complete a tour. This way you can know if any of your guards are struggling with their new graveyard shift.


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