How to Combat Boredom on the Job as a Security Officer

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While security officers perform a very important role in the facility in which they work, most of the time between making guard tours around the building may be spent in inactivity. This might sound like a negative, but it means that nothing out of the ordinary is happening in the facility, and that’s a good thing. In the meantime, it can be hard for an officer to stay focused and alert if he or she is not doing anything. To help keep your mind occupied during those long stretches of inactivity, here are some tips you can try.

  • Stay active. If the building that you’re guarding is not particularly large, you might have long periods of inactivity between your tours. This can be especially difficult for officers who are working third shift in the middle of the night when most places tend to have even less activity than usual. The worst thing you can do is let yourself fall asleep. If you feel a wave of sleepiness coming on, stand up and do some simple exercises like jumping jacks, toe raises, or squats. Doing simple exercise like this throughout the day has the added benefit of helping you stay in shape, too.
  • Take notes throughout the day. Most security officers need to turn in a report of some kind at the end of each day. Instead of trying to remember everything at the end of the day, jot down notes of things that happen as they come up so you won’t forget later. Plus, it’ll help keep you focused on the task at hand.
  • Play simple games. For this, we don’t mean take out your smartphone and start playing the latest puzzle game, since that might prove more distracting than beneficial. But observation “games” can help keep your mind alert. For example, if your tour includes outdoor areas, count how many of a particular type of bird you spot; or for an indoor tour, count how many people are wearing a certain color shirt. If your facility allows it, carry a rubber ball with you to toss around in the interim between tours.

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