How To Choose the Right Security Guard

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In this day and age, criminals have changed their ways by utilizing the latest technology. A lot of innocent devices can be dishonorably tampered with to aid those committing crime. Protecting your property is important which is why security guards exist. PatrolScan offers the latest and greatest when it comes to guard tour patrol systems, but you still need personnel you can trust to operate it. We can help you pick the right one for your company.

What Needs Protection?
Before choosing someone, you need to figure out what you’re looking for. What do you need to be protected? It could be certain people, documents, technology, or just as simple as entrances and exits.

How Many Guards?
This hinges on the size of the premises as well as the worth of what’s inside. You might need guards patrolling larger areas as well as those guarding distinct entrances/exits. Think about how many checkpoints you’ll want, where they will be, and how often you need them checked.

Do They Have Valuable Experience?
Former police officers and those who served in the military are ideal. If you’re lucky, you won’t necessarily need those kinds of expertise, but if a dire situation were to occur, those are the kind of people you’d want around. They’ve experienced danger before and won’t panic if something were to happen.

Does Their Background Check Out?
When hiring any employee, you should check their credentials and references. You should double check the authenticity of said information as many people will lie to get the job. The process may take time, but it also could save you a headache down the line when they aren’t able to do the job you gave them.

Interview In Person
The best way to get to know someone is a one-on-one interview in person. You cannot substitute having a personal conversation with someone. You can’t trust someone you never met.

Paired with our guard tour systems, an alert and trustworthy security guard is the ultimate one-two punch. Put your personnel in a position to succeed by calling PatrolScan at 1-800-878-SCAN(7226) or browse the rest of our website for more information.