How to Assist Security Guards in your Building as Responsibilities are Expanding

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When your business, corporation, or building relies on security guards, you hire them to protect the people and your property. Completing rounds and tracking movements, as well as the safety of the building is crucial in today’s technology-driven age. As your guards are seeing their responsibilities expanded, assist them with a quality guard tour system.

Your guards may think that the tour system they are using is a piece of equipment that proves they have done their job correctly. However, you should know the benefits of the system and the fact that the tool can be used to provide your company with necessary information and the ability to enhance your control operations.

The Basics

Your system is an easy to use piece of equipment that offers a concrete record for compliance and accurate logs of information. Your guards get a piece of the tour, as well as the checkpoints, and the final piece of the tour is located in your software.

Your officer must scan their probe at each checkpoint location to indicate they were physically at that point in the tour. The data that is transmitted through the probe and to the software is identified by a unique number. Reports are used to determine that the officers made their designated rounds at the appropriate intervals, and that no errors were made.


Collecting and gathering data is more important now than ever. You need the documentation and materials to justify what the staff does. The more technology advances, the more information your system can collect. As guards see their responsibilities expanding, they can assist with risk management and other factors in the facility with a guard patrol system.

They can communicate to the patrol room with incident reports and hazardous or dangerous situations that need immediate attention. Your system will have audio and video capabilities to record incidents or any observations in real time. Technology and collection software makes it easier for accuracy. You can use the product for security, safety, and any other needs.

Acting on Information

You can now act on this information quickly and efficiently. When there is a problem with the tour, you can alert security personnel to check out the incident for any problems. The software generates a wide variety of reporting measures to manage the operation more efficiently. Whether training new guards or determining if a guard is living up to their standards, the information collected will be transmitted instantaneously to the Windows computers or tablets.

The process of collecting and acting on data has significantly simplified the last few years. You can integrate the system with video surveillance for more measurements and control over your operation. Technology will continue to advance, and those systems that stay up to date with the latest changes will be able to stand out from the rest. Inquire about an innovative security tracking system to see how your operation can be taken to the next level.