How PatrolScan’s Products Can Improve the Effectiveness of Your Security Guard Team

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Protecting your business is a 24/7 job because, unfortunately, thieves, vandals, and burglars get smarter and smarter every day. It can seem like a race against technology to keep up-to-date on the best ways to avoid trouble.

One of the most effective tools for security is the security team, and there’s no substitute for human intelligence when it comes to outsmarting criminals. But monitoring your security personnel can prove to be a bit more complicated in practice than in theory, especially when you are responsible for a large facility being secured around the clock.

How can you make sure that your security team is on task, even when you can’t be physically present and over a large space?

That’s where PatrolScan comes in. Your security officers are your most important line of defense against criminals and intruders. So, monitor their activities and ensure that guard tours are being completed fully and on time with our products.

Our products assign each one of your security guards a unique ID number, so you’ll be able to tell which guard is in what part of the area at what times. You set up the checkpoints required for your guards’ tours of the facilities, and PatrolScan provides you with reports on checkpoint accuracy.

PatrolScan’s products increase the effectiveness of your security team by providing an accountability measure that helps your employees ensure they are completely securing the perimeter every time they complete a round. You may not be able to be present at the facility at all hours of the night, but PatrolScan provides you with simple, easy-to-understand reports detailing the activities of your security team.

For new employees still learning the job duties or old employees being introduced to a new section or area of your business, accidently skipping checkpoints during rounds is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, something as small as a missed checkpoint can put your business at risk. Increase your security guards’ accountability with PatrolScan and see their performance increase.