How Our Products Will Improve Your Patrol Monitoring

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If you own a facility that requires security, either sporadically or continually, then you might already know about the benefits of a guard tour system. Yet did you know that the products offered through PatrolScan are some of the highest performing in the entire industry? When it comes to providing economical and durable security options for a wide variety of establishments, PatrolScan is truly the leader. Our products will improve your patrol monitoring, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction in our products.

PatrolScan products are proven to make your patrol monitoring less stressful and more organized. The hardware portion of our patrol monitoring software is worn by the security guards on duty to provide them with remote access to the many features. It also allows them to be tracked by GPS. Our software is basically a command center that first gathers and then organizes all of the information that the guards have obtained along their routes. This combination provides you with a reliable and convenient method for ensuring that your security guards are performing to optimum capacity. With a product from PatrolScan, you get the peace of mind that you deserve.  

Another reason that PatrolScan products improve your patrol monitoring is because our high-quality software has a simplistic interface. There’s no need to sit and figure out a complicated product with our guard tour systems. In fact, with our guard tour systems, you’ll be able to ensure that each one of your security guards is completing his or her rounds on time, and you’ll also be able to tell if any checkpoint were missed.  

Our systems will allow you to accomplish more from your team, but with less time and intrusion.  With the technology offered through PatrolScan, there’s no need to worry about your security team performing its duties. PatrolScan takes the hassle out of security tracking and lets you manage your time more effectively. Why waste time wondering if your security guards are completing their assignments on time and with precision? Let our products do the work for you and experience a safer work environment.