How Guard Tour Systems Make Life Easier

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Guard tour systems benefit everyone, from the security guards who use them to the owners and managers who employ those security guards, to the people those guards protect. Whether it’s in the interest of making an operation safe or for documentation purposes, security guard checkpoint systems can answer some of your most pressing security-related questions, and possibly even some you didn’t even know you had!

Reliable Records

The records created by guard tour systems are not subject to the fallibility of pen and paper, nor can they be changed by the careless and lazy among us. The records produced by guard tour systems are digital, and are therefore not easily manipulated.


Whether you need records for your HR department, your building owner, your insurance company or yourself, guard tour systems can verify that security guards are patrolling the areas they need to patrol, when they need to do so.

Cost Cutting

Guard tour systems provide a high level of functionality for a low price. All things considered, a durable tracking system can save on the costs associated with maintaining a security system. In fact, PatrolScan offers a 10-year guarantee on its equipment.

Maintain Professional Standards

We’re all under intense scrutiny and surveillance 24/7, in one way or another, but that’s not what guard tour systems are for! One of the best things about having a guard tour system is reaping the benefits of having measurable professional standards. Sure, managers will know when their guards hit certain checkpoints, but those guards will have the clear goal of being at a certain checkpoint at a certain time. This helps employees ensure they are meeting their managers’ expectations.

Risk Management

Obviously, implementing a guard tour system is a great way to manage the risks that come with running most business operations. This is probably the most important way that guard tour systems make life easier because it encompasses all of the aforementioned points. Being able to document and report on guard positions while maintaining professional standards is a great way to improve efficiency while you minimize security risks. Furthermore, doing so allows managers to monitor their security guards’ positions with minimal invasion.

There are a lot of reasons a business should consider implementing a security guard checkpoint system. Contact PatrolScan for more information, or with any questions about guard tour systems.