How Effective is the PatrolScan Software for Maintaining Your Building’s Security?

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Let’s face it. In 2014, we want to increase our building’s security as much as possible. We do this by providing additional measures, but we also want to make it easier to track our security personnel. The PatrolScan software is compatible with Windows, and allows you to keep track of your security when you’re not physically present in the building. It’s a guard tour system with advanced security patrol software for exceptional and easy tracking. It’s a win-win. You easily track guard performances while increasing the efficiency of your overall security measures.


While using your Windows powered system, toggle between various screens to keep track of your guards. Our easy to use system has three components, and you’re operating the third of three parts, you’re keeping tabs on your personnel. The checkpoints you establish with the data chips contain their own ID so that you can tell when they were passed.

With the advance in technology, properly maintaining your building’s security doesn’t mean you have to hover over your team of guards all day and night. Our system provides you the luxury of checking the reports at all hours of the day, at a location that is connected to the internet, and at a time that is convenient for you.

You’ll have all the tracking tools at your fingertips to maintain the safety of your building. Guards must make their rounds, or you’ll be able to see when they missed a checkpoint, or when they were taking their time going through the building. Train your personnel to work efficiently, and watch with a close eye (from far away) to see how many checkpoints were missed, how many were not programmed, if they went out of sequence, and how fast or proficient they were.

The most important part of our system for your building is the incident report.

  • Has an alarm sounded?
  • Was your guard negligent and left the door open?
  • Has part of the building been vandalized?


We want to help you answer these questions. As one of the most reliable security guard tour systems, our PatrolScan helps to identify problem spots so you can tighten up the security measures.

Start maintaining your building security with PatrolScan today. If you have any questions about the product, let us know. We’ll offer you a free trial to get started.