How Can Your Building’s Security Benefit from a Guard Tour System

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All businesses that rely on security guards making their rounds can benefit from using a guard tour patrol system. Its ease of installation and simple tracking reports enable security personnel to complete their duties in an efficient manner. When you need to improve the performance of your guards and enhance the quality of work in order to keep the building safe, it’s no wonder businesses far and wide are making the transition to the high-tech security guard tour system.

With the advancing technology and increased protocol for ensuring the safety of buildings, you can see a number of benefits once you install the system and software from PatrolScan. You want to accurately record the movements and actions of your security personnel, and the features built into the software allow you to do just that. The way it works is a 3-step process. The guard has the probe, which he touches to the chip at each checkpoint, which can be seen by you (or the manager) by tracking on any compatible Windows software. The biggest benefit you’re served with is knowing exactly when and where a security guard has touched a chip.

This simple tracking measure enables you to tell whether or not an error was made, whether a checkpoint was skipped, or whether the guard is taking too long getting from one checkpoint to another.

Consistent: Through any condition, you can be sure your PatrolScan is performing optimally. When checkpoints are situated outdoors, the chips can withstand any weather that is thrown at, for durability and accuracy.

Easy: Your guards don’t need to be completely tech-savvy to learn how to use the probe. The reports are transferred from the chips to your software, so all the guard has to do is touch the probe to the chip. Once they get this down, their performance will improve as they’ll be going from one checkpoint to another and finishing their rounds on time.

Great Reports: As previously mentioned, you can easily track when and where your guards are making their rounds. Are they going out of order on the checkpoints? Is a particular chip out of place? The interface you see is easy to read, allows you to narrow what you’re seeing to a particular employee or particular point in the round. Access the reports from anywhere with WiFi or internet access on your Windows device.

Many buildings use security guards to ensure the property is secure. Whether working in an office building, apartment, power plant, storage facility, university, or other building, the benefits of PatrolScan’s security patrol software are paramount. Train new employees, and watch your security personnel throughout their shift to ensure rounds are being completed on at specified intervals. By utilizing the security software that PatrolScan offers, you’ll take your security efforts to the next level.