Here’s Where We Bring Security to Life

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Recent events throughout America are constantly reminding us that we live in an era where security is more important than ever. Instead of abandoning a sinking ship and locking yourself in a house, maybe it’s just time to ramp up security and breathe a sigh of relief once again. That’s one of the many reasons we founded PatrolScan: to provide a system that would make it easy to keep clients and occupants of a property safe, while removing the hassle of constant reporting and complicated communications tactics. Our system makes it easy to not only keep tabs on different patrol routes, but also to produce comprehensive reports whenever necessary on incidents, exceptions and even maintenance and personnel reports.

So where are we helping people year in and year out? Here’s a few examples of where PatrolScan is being used, so you can get a better idea of who it is we’re reaching out to and what our product actually is.

Hospitals – There are many different things to consider about hospitals, where our guard tour systems can come in handy. The first thing to consider is the patients. If a patient is missing from their room because of any problem ranging from dementia to being disgruntled, our product will help security not only mobilize, but also report when the patient has been safely found and routed. Also consider all of the visitors throughout a hospital. PatrolScan provides a way for security teams to keep track of all of these people much easier than doing it one person at a time. Finally, the medical professionals and staff working there—this gives them a way to have their needs met, and also provides an extra layer of security for them as they work their long shifts.

Educational Institutions – It’s imperative that we protect individuals trying to improve themselves with education, whether they’re in high school or college, regardless of their age. It’s hard to keep track of security in big campuses where there are many separate buildings, often quite spaced out. We provide a quick and extremely easy to use way to report any kind of security incident, from an unauthorized visitor to a fight breaking out, PatrolScan lets security professionals keep a solid record and relay messages between other professionals on patrol throughout the property.

Residential Complexes – Residential complexes are one of the most important places to have substantial security, as people’s belongings and entire livelihoods are at stake. Whether it’s townhouses, apartments or homes, it’s important to have some kind of security measure in place. PatrolScan provides a quick and easy way to monitor residential complexes and provide feedback to the necessary authorities quickly and effectively, whenever needed.

Businesses of all Sizes – It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running. If you’re interested in protecting your assets and clientele, PatrolScan is the right product for your security team to stay on track and well reported. You don’t want a scurry for solution when something goes wrong. PatrolScan lets you be ready whenever, wherever.

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