Here’s What We Mean by the PatrolScan Advantage

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These days, security can be quite a daunting task, with there being so much emphasis placed on the safety of your property’s occupants, whether you’re working with apartments, a school or a large bank, everyone’s safety needs to be treated equally serious. That’s what we do at PatrolScan—we take security teams of all sizes and give them the technology it takes to function like the most powerful body of security professionals in the nation. This is the PatrolScan advantage—bringing efficient, effective reporting through our security guard touring and checkpoint systems. The technology is easy to learn and adjust to—that’s just one part of the PatrolScan advantage. Let’s touch on what some of these other advantages can be for your organization.

Get more out of each patrol – Each patrol takes time and money, from a business perspective, and you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of a security patrol dispatch. PatrolScan allows security staff to be accountable for their actions during the times they are on duty, in order to protect themselves. In the event of any incident where a security professional must appear in court, PatrolScan gives that individual the protection he needs to prove he was performing his duties properly and unquestionably.

The solution really is cost effective – We make it our business to be priced far below the competition, and still offer a high-end, durable product with extremely tough connections and structure. Our Touch Memory Chips and TouchProbe™ come with the PatrolScan Software and full access to the PatrolScan Technical Support. The Touch Memory Chips are fully programmable and operational for up to ten years, in even the worst of elements.

You won’t need a huge training budget – Our software is easy to use and comes with full technical support for any problems security staff may encounter while using it. We know that security guards are busy enough doing their jobs, and that they don’t need to worry about lengthy software training sessions in an office.

Make a more disciplined team – Reliable security professionals making regular patrols is one of the biggest deterrents against small crimes like vandalism and petty theft, which can be a huge crime to the person it’s committed against. Just how great do you want your security team to be? This system makes them responsible for their time and actions, and ensures that they’re doing what they are being paid to do. Many security professionals take great pride in what they do and will welcome a system like this with open arms; all it can do is make a security team better.

This is a comprehensive solution for places that are looking to improve their security services at a competitive rate. Property owners having issues with their current security touring equipment or those looking for a better solution to keeping track of their security guards can find a way. Great security makes for a great place to live, work or shop.