Guard Tour Systems Can Increase Your Security Measures and Decrease Incidents

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Just recently, a guard at the Palmerston Shopping Centre was involved in an incident during which a group of teenagers would often taunt him and provoke him into a fight. The teenagers would tape their attacks of the security guards and put them on social media.

The security guard stated that these disturbances happened repeatedly and he would try to stop it, but couldn’t always restrain the teenagers. There is currently an investigation going on to pinpoint what exactly happened and who started what.

The other security guards responded as quickly as possible to their beaten colleague, but the response could have been quicker. With the right supplementary security measures in place, however, the Palmerston Shopping Centre security guards could have apprehended the perpetrators much more quickly.

How to Prevent These Situations

Increasing security measures by introducing a guard tour system into your business can help increase security personnel’s response to incidents, similar to what happened to the security guard at Palmerston Shopping Centre. Their quick response can stop an incident faster and prevent someone from getting seriously injured.

Who We Are

PatrolScan is one of the leading companies providing guard tour systems to companies all around the world. We are located in Philadelphia, PA, but have distribution centers everywhere. No matter where you are located we can have a guard tour system sent to your location. We have been in business for over 13 years and help protect companies with their innovative security technology.

How a Guard Tour System Works

With our security tracking devices, security personnel can be made aware of incidents occurring in real time and take the measures to resolve the problems quickly. The guard tour systems collect and manage data, such as tracking the movements of your security personnel through checkpoints and preparing for fire inspections. You will be able to track and record your security personnel’s rounds and manage the security level in your building or corporation.

The guard tour software is user-friendly and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The interface is easy to use and you are able to label and keep track of each checkpoint and floor, whether you have a three-floor building or a 30-floor building.

The guard tour system is durable and resistant to weather and water. It runs on a long-lasting battery that can be easily replaced. Our company even has an onsite repair center that will repair your device or software in no time flat.

How to Contact Us

For more information on our security guard tour system and software, browse our website. If you would like to get a device installed or repaired, contact us at 1-800-878-7226. To avoid incidents like the one with the security guard at the mall, increasing your security measures by installing a guard tour system in your building can keep you, your company and your personnel safe. At PatrolScan, it is our mission to ensure that your business and security personnel are protected and secure every day.